Real Photo Virtual Furniture first brought Virtual Styling to the Australian marketplace in 2010. We have refined this exciting service over many thousands of successfully completed jobs and currently offer the highest quality product available.

Our digital technology has continued to innovate, creating increasingly realistic imagery and utilising a photo library that consists of imagery of real furniture. This is compared to the fake looking, digitally created furniture of other services. This difference allows real estate agents, property developers and private vendors to dress property imagery with realistic, stylish contemporary furniture to demonstrate a property’s visual potential.

Real Photo Virtual Furniture saves thousands of dollars in home styling costs and offers a styling solution that is easy and affordable. This service is revolutionising how Australians sell and rent their homes. As property is often an individual’s biggest asset, we believe in the importance of helping you to beautify your property and maximise your precious asset in the marketplace.

Real Photo also offer professional photography, copywriting, floor plans, drone photography and video in Sydney, Australia. See www.realphoto.net.au.


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